Exchange Policy

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the products that you have purchased, we will be happy to exchange it according to our easy exchange policy. 

 1.    Is exchanging possible with Zigzag?

Yes, you can exchange if only if it is an exchangeable item ( Please check the point 6 to view the products which are not exchangeable.) However, the items should be in the original condition with packaging. You can exchange item/items from 7 days of purchasing. Keep the labels and tags with the product (attached) and return with the original receipt. We would be grateful to hear the reason for exchanging the item as well. Exchange is possible only ONCE.

 2.    Can I exchange a product which is already exchanged? How many times can i exchange an order

You can exchange a eligible product only ONCE. That means you cannot exchange an already exchanged product. 

 3.    Can we return purchased goods?

We do not accept returns. However, if you find a damaged item when the goods are being delivered, please contact us at that very moment through +94727944924 

 4.    What if the delivered item is damaged?

We ensure that the quality and standards are met in our products and processes. In order to achieve the standards, we conduct a quality check to ensure the products are 100% damage free prior to the shipment.

Once you receive the order please check your items at the delivery point. Please contact us immediately if you find a damaged item and you will be able to return it or we will exchange it free of charge. Please note that we will not be responsible for the damaged items thereafter.

 5.    How do I exchange products to zigzag?

  1. Give us a call to +94727944924 within 7 days of purchasing.
  2. Pack the items in the same packaging in the original condition with labels and tags.
  3. Inform us the product that you need to get it exchanged with. ( Please note that we will not be reserving the product to you till we recieve the returning product.)
  4. If you are in Colombo city limits , let us know the item that you need to get it exchanged with, we will send the delivery person with the exchanging dress, please handover the returning product to the delivery person, and collect the new product.
  5. If you are out of Colombo, send the returning dress from your side to our address (Zigzag (pvt) Ltd, No. 9A, St. Anthony's Mawatha, Colombo 03 . Tel : 0727 944 924 ) Please inform us before sending the dress. Dress should be in original condition. Using pronto courier service we will receive the dress in 1 working day. Please note that the courier charges of the returning dress needed to be paid by the customer.
    1. Once the products are received to our warehouse, we will perform a quality check and exchange will be accepted only if the products are in proper condition.
    2. If the items passed with the quality check we will send you an email or call you back confirming the re order.
    3. Items which are not in the original condition will not be accepted hence the exchange will not be processed.

 6.      Can I get the new item delivered when exchanging the product?

If you are within Colombo City limits YES!. You get the new item delivered when exchanging the product if you have informed us prior to the delivery arrangement. You have to notify us about the new item that you need to get delivered via a call before we send the courier person. Please note that we will be doing the quality check before handing over the new item. If the exchanging item is not in the original condition we will not be able to handover the new item.

However for out stations we still cannot give the facility to exchange on the same day.

 7.    What items are not exchangeable?

  1. Items not in the original condition (ex: Damaged items, items with dirt/makeup/patches)
  2. Sale items
  3. Lingerie
  4. Swimwear
  5. Sarees
  6. Handbags
  7. Jewellery & Accessories
  8. Perfumes & Cosmetics
  9. Shoes
8.    I have ordered an incorrect size. Can I replace it with the correct size?

 Sure, we will replace it for you. Follow the process outlined in the exchange policy.


9What will be the charge for the exchange?

Within Colombo District exchange will be FREE of charge.

For outstations, the returning dress courier charge needed to be paid by the customer.


10Have you received the items which I sent for exchange?

If we have not confirmed you yet, please contact us through our numbers +94727944924


11. I have purchased a discounted item online. I need to exchange it. Can I ?

If it is within 7 days you can exchange. However you need to pay the balance if there is any. Terms and conditions apply.


12. I need to exchange a product which is in the exchange period. However there is a percent off/ offer going on. Can i get the offer as well for the exchange?

Sorry the percent off/ offers can only be applied for fresh orders placed during the offer period. Offers are not valid for exchange orders. Terms and conditions apply.


13. I need to exchange a product which i bought online during a percent off/ offer period . The order is within the exchange period. Can i get the percent off/offer as well for the exchange ?

Sure you can get the percent off/ offer only if you are exchanging to a product which were only available during the offer. If you are exchanging to a new arrival product( a new product which was uploaded after the offer) you will not be receiving the percent off/offer.